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This was awesome! I hope you make more!

This is great

I could watch this forever. Good job!

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Pretty good

Nice, but I would prefer it if you used real voices.

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Mostly good

The hitboxes seemed kind of small. Like half the time it wouldn't register my hits during the sniping parts and the environments are kind of repetitive. It was really fun though and not too difficult or too easy

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Xplored responds:

Pleased you like it :-)

It's ok, but not great

The game is very repetitive and there isn't very much variation in the level. Also, the camera completely stopped at one point, and I couldn't move on (and I clicked EVERYTHING) The graphics are good though, even if they are repeated.

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Xplored responds:

Sorry for the unexpected block of the game... we've not enough elements to understand what happened to you.

Not bad

It feels a little hard and the keyboard never works well for games like this, but besides that, everything is good. Also, I would have liked if it had some songs/bands that I actually knew. I'd love to see a sequel, because this could become a really great game.

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Not sure if this really counts as a dance track, because it lacks any kind of "4-to-the-floor" drum beat, and most of the synths have a glitch-like sound.

I'll ignore the fact that this song is in dance though because this is really good trance/techno. Good job! :D

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Ajduff responds:

cheers dude:) and to be honest i had a really hard think about what genre it was a tough one:/

Really good

It doesn't really sound like Deadmau5, but I like listening to it. Good job :p

Oakwood responds:

Thanks man. Yeah it doesn't really sound like Deadmau5 because I kinda gave it my own twist. The original might sound more familar.

Absolutly Fantastic

This is very good, the only thing I can criticize is the length - 4 minutes is not enough time to enjoy this song :P

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